December 2023 Real Estate Ramblings

 What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

  I asked myself this question yesterday while thinking about what I wanted to write about this month. Several moments from over the years came to mind, but the ones that really stood out were the memories of things that I’ll never get to experience again. Things like spending the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve and opening up one present that night. (Still not sure why mom bought me that DVD of the movie “Training Day”, but I watched it before bed and instantly became a Denzel fan for life.) Other great memories are the years helping Santa after our kids went to bed. Seems like we’d spend half the night trying to get everything set up and ready, putting out the milk and cookies (and reindeer carrots), and racing against the clock while keeping one eye on a bedroom door or two. There’s nothing like it, and our routine is much different now. More than ever, I’m still trying to find ways to slow down and live in the moment.
    There have been years in our family where the presents were abundant and maybe even a little exorbitant, and years where the gifts were few in number and small in price. But as I sit here and look back I realize that I cherish all of those times equally. We always had a warm home, plenty to eat, and people to spend Christmas with. My Christmas wish this year would be that everybody has those same things and that you, Dear Reader- get to make more special memories with those you love.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
Jamison Durham

Topper's Music, LLC is a family owned music store, located in Lebanon. They offer a variety of instruments, accessories, and services. I still think of Topper’s as a “new” store but in reality I’ve been going there for pretty close to 20 years now. (BTW, I still think of the McDonalds on West Main as the “new” McDonalds too.) Heck, at one time I even had a key to the building and gave guitar lessons there. I’ve bought and sold several cool guitars with them over the years. Once I even bought a fiddle specifically to use on a listing video. It’ll take you about 30 seconds to find it on YouTube if you’re interested. I’m grateful for Toppers, and I’m glad they’re still here after all these years. Before them If I needed guitar strings, cables, or anything else that got lost, broken, or used up after a gig I would have to drive to at least Mt Juliet. Before I even heard the phrase “shop local”, they were here in my town meeting my gear needs. 
So stop in and say “hi” to Summer, JR, and the gang. They’re great people and will take care of you.
Visit and follow them on social media Instagram: @toppersmusic Facebook: toppersmusicllc

JD Young
My favorite Christmas Memory:
I get a new favorite 
Christmas memory every year 
watching the boys faces when 
they open their gifts, 
but the night before Christmas 
we always do hot chocolate, 
popcorn and a movie before bed. 

Jenny Young
My favorite Christmas Memory:
Letting the kids pick one 
present to open Christmas 
Eve before going to bed. 
A tradition from my 

Tiffany Fattaleh
My favorite Christmas Memory:
Taking a train out to Helena, 
Montana and hitting the 

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