November 2023 Real Estate Ramblings

November greetings everyone,
       As we approach the Holidays, I am reminded of a little trick I learned while working to improve my morning routine. Part of that routine was writing down 10 things I was grateful for every morning. So back in 2019 I started keeping a “gratitude journal” and have tried to consistently write in it at least 5 days a week. I still wouldn’t say I’m consistent at it, but every day that I take a little time in the morning to do it starts off better. Even just thinking of 10 “little” things I was grateful for, would have a big impact on my attitude as I thought about whatever challenges I thought that day would bring. In hindsight, a lot of those challenges never came to be, and most of the ones that did weren’t as bad as they seemed. So with that in mind, this month I asked the team “What are three things you are grateful for?” Scroll down to see what they said. 
When I take a moment to pause and reflect what I am most thankful for it is:
  •  That my family is healthy and together
  •  That what we struggle with today is better than what our struggles were 10 years ago
  •  That I am lucky enough to love what I do and make a living from it

Ever stepped into Jack’s Guitarcheology? It’s a not so hidden gem on the Lebanon Square, where weird guitars, 
vintage coolness, and modern awesomeness collide. Think of it as if some indie or punk rock kids decided to open a 
rad music store. And guess what? There's a doggo! The staff? Super chill and ready to geek out about guitars with you.
They don’t just sell guitars; they're all about creating a vibe. Sometimes they host live events and feature musicians. 
It’s like a hangout spot where you can jam, talk guitars, and just soak in the good vibes. So, swing by, 
pet the dog, strum a few strings, and hang out – it’s more like a cool clubhouse than a regular ol’ store. 
Visit and follow them on social media Instagram: @jacksguitarcheology Facebook: jacksguitarcheology

JD Young
I am thankful for:
•  My family.
•  To be able to wake up
everyday and know that my
career is taking care of people.
•  The ability God has given me
to impact those around me

Jenny Young
I am thankful for:
•  My family and that I get to
work alongside my son.
•  Family of choice that God
has placed in my life for
friendship and accountability.
•  My pastor and church
family for spiritual growth
and learning.

Tiffany Fattaleh
I am thankful for:
•  My family.
•  Our health.
•  The ability and opportunity
to start a career that I’ve been
desiring for a long time.

October marked our 2nd month as the top group for KW Lebanon. We’re hoping to pull a hat trick 
and make it three months in a row in November. This wouldn’t happen without YOUR 
referrals and YOUR continued support. 
We don’t buy leads, we don’t advertise on billboards, but we do specialize in trying to take care of your 
friends and family like their our friends and family.
So if you’re reading this, and you’re one of the people that has trusted us so far, then we are thankful for YOU.

All Residential Properties Market Overview Key metrics by report month. Includes all Single Family and Townhouse/Condo properties in the MLS sold in October. 
Curious what's going on in your county? Click the October 2023 Market Updates to check out the breakdown on what's going on in nine counties in Middle Tennessee.

    I feel like the JDG group does a lot of things exceptionally well when it comes to real estate. However one thing we 
haven’t done well is showing our love and appreciation for our clients and VIPs by doing big events. So we’d like 
to fix that, which is why we are hosting our very first client and VIP appreciation party.
    We’re going big, and pulling out all the stops (just like we do when we help you buy and sell real estate), so it’s 
going to be at the Capitol Theater in downtown Lebanon. Live music. Cool giveaways. Hopefully some food.
    We have had an AMAZING 2023 and we want to celebrate the clients and supporters of our business in grand fashion. 
With your continued support we will be helping more people in 2024 than ever before.
    This event is “invite only” and we are working hard to reach out to everyone individually so don’t panic if you haven’t 
heard from us yet. However, if you’re worried your invitation got lost just reach out to your favorite member of 
the JDG and we’ll take care of it.

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